Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hows everyone doing ?

Well,  its been a long time since I posted because I saw that no one was joining in and I felt like I was talking to myself! ha! (I dont have the money to advertise so I was hoping whoever stops by can pass along my url to friends and family etc)... And then I thought well, maybe thats a good thing! hehe! At least it releases what I'm feeling and that could be therapeutic for me ...

I had a rough July and part of August with this high heat...  Lots of inflammation which makes my Fibro. and OA pain so much worse...  I hadnt even gone out much in the last month or so.. Maybe only once or twice  to go to the store.... Talk about cabin fever...  Then last week Wed (Aug 3) I had to go to my doc because I  could hardly walk due to my left heel hurting severely... It started two weeks before that and it got worse.. So I went and he said I had Achilles Tendonitis - Bursitis  down there...  OUCH!!  He sent me to the hospital to get fitted for an ankle boot (which goes up to my knee)  to wear until it heals!  I have to wear it all day and even when I go to bed all night (or whenever it is my body says I need sleep) I had bursitis in my shoulders before and that is painful but THIS in the heel is so much worse and with Fibro. pain etc its unbearable to walk on ...   This boot is awkward and heavy and itchy etc ....  blah!

I also got anti inflammatory patches to use while Im wearing the boot... I already take anti inflammatory pills and Ultram for my OA and Fibro. so he couldnt give me more.. 
So today Aug 10th I went back to the doc for follow up and it has gotten a little better so he said to wear the boot just when Im in bed and keep it off during the day and see how that goes... It still hurts quite a bit but not like last week ...  
After the doc today hubby took me to the grocery store  and after walking the store today I was hurting quite a bit...

I have issues with OA pain  in my hips and knees and feet etc  and when I wear this dang boot it makes the OA  (esp on my left side hurt way worse than normal)  because Im walking unevenly with this boot on and it makes the joints hurt a lot more...
So while trying to heal this pain in my heel  Im getting more pain in my Fibro. and OA...
Viscous cycle!!.....

I sure cant wait til I dont have to wear this boot... and I also cant wait for Fall to get here... Summer really makes me hurt a lot... I cant tolerate heat  and when it was so hot and humid this past 5 weeks or so I had to keep an inhaler with me just in case...  I never ever had to use an inhaler before .. I got one in March when I had to go to the emergency room  cuz I couldnt breathe one night and it turned out to be my bronchitis..(I get it every year and lasts about amonth)..  So amongst other things they did,  they gave me an inhaler to use  and now I asked my doc if I could get refills for summer (when its so hot and humid)  and he said yes...

So Fibro. brings on a whole lot of other issues (which I have) like CFS, RLS, GERD, IBS, bronchitis taking forever to go away (It doesnt bring on bronchitis but having Fibro. takes it a whole lot longer to heal pretty much anything!)  and with my OA I have swelling issues which aggravate the Fibro. more... 

My pain level is usually pretty high every single day even with taking Ultram and Diclofenac and tylenol Arthritis .. Plus all my supplements ... But without them I couldnt even function at all ... 

I just wish I could do more in my day ... Feel like a failure a lot of times not being able to clean my house spotless daily like I use to and go out whenever I wanted or needed to etc etc...     I do cook for my hubby all the  time... Even though that hurts me a lot I do it anyway,  I like to cook for him and he shouldnt have to suffer not getting meals just because Im in pain ...  The only time I dont cook for him is when I really really cant move ...  And he is such an understanding soul... I am so lucky to have my hubby , he helps me so much and does a lot around here ....   So I was blessed the 2nd time around ; )

well I need to get off right now..  Its  2:20 am and I still am not in bed.. Prob wont be for a little while either... I sleep during the day on the recliner end of my couch cuz laying in bed too long  makes me hurt a lot more (and then during the day I get so sleepy from not sleeping I just pass out on the couch) .......

Hope to hear from you soon!  Take care and hope you have  at least a little less pain in your day !

Love n Hugs,

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope you had a Wonderful Easter !!

How is everyone doing?
It just happened that my Birthday landed on Easter day this year!  So I was the Birthday Chickee!  haha!   Turned a young 53 on Sunday! 

Hope you all had a Blessed Easter !

I am going out to celebrate this Tues with my Tues morning coffee girlfriends from our block..   We are going to Panda Express and then to one of the Ladies houses for coffee and Birthday dessert.....  So that will be fun! Then Thurs. hubby will take me to Lonestar Steakhouse for my favorite Texas Ribeye Steak!  Mmmmm mmmmmmm!!!!!  And we even have a $7.50 off coupon for there too! 

on the sad front,  In the last month we had news of 3 people that passed away...   A couple of them that were pretty close to us!  So it wasn't the greatest month we had...   Hopefully May will be better ....

This changing weather has made my pain level worse than usual.....  Anytime I do anything,  I have to sit for a while and then the next day  I hurt like crazy all over!
Sometimes for 3 or 4 days later too!

We adopted a new kitten on Sat 4/16 from a Rescue place, and they said we could pick her up this past Sat 4/23 but when we went there they said she was not ready... We have to wait 3 more weeks because she is only over one pound and she has to be over 2 pounds to be spade!  I said  well it would have been nice for them to call us to tell us not to come out, because it is a 35 min drive!! 
I wasnt too happy about that  , but we  will get to pick her up around May 14th ...

We have an orange tabby (male) kitten now, who is  9 months , his name is Tigger...   The new kitten  is  2 months now and she is a  Dark Gray Tabby (female) who   will be named  Daisy   (keeping with the Disney Theme!)  heehee!! ...     So Tigger will be the Big Brother!  Daisy will be Spade , up to date on shots , flea treatment etc etc before we pick her up!   We also get a free wellness exam at their clinic  too..   I  will also take her to our own Vet afterwards  sometime to get her checked again (to be double sure she is healthy)  and then we will need to Microchip her like her brother and Im sure she will need to get her last kitten shots then too....  I bought her   her own litter box , so she is all set...  Tigger already has a 3 tier Kitty condo so theres plenty of room for him and Daisy to sleep in at night... 

I just hope Tigger adjusts to her rather quickly because he is 7 months older than her and he is use to being alone since last Sept. .. She is use to being with other kittens so I dont think she will have a problem..  Im sure Tigger will be ok    in about a weeks time...    He will have a feisty playmate !

How are you feeling this day? 

Please join in on the chats...  Don't be shy! We can make lots of friends wih Fibro.  who know exactly how we feel...   But  you all need to start chatting here please!
Thank you  and may God Bless your day!

Love n Hugs,

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hi Fellow Fibro-ers

How was your day today?
I received real bad news today...  The girl I use to babysit many moons ago (she was about 42 now) has passed away! She passed Mar. 26th....  I am in such shock!  I babysat her and her sister since they were born  til I was out of high school .. I think I baby sat them for about 8 years running...... I can just imagine how her parents are feeling right now..  They also had real bad luck a couple years ago... They were in a motorcycle accident about 2009,  a truck hit them head on...  They were both in the hospital a whole lot with surgeries etc  and the father lost one of his legs...  Dealing with that is bad enough, and now with the loss of their daughter,  this is just tragic!  I dont know how she died or if she had been sick or what but  I am so sad !!  42 is just too young! .........
Her guestbook is here if you want to read it !
She was a real sweet woman (and little girl) at the time I babysat her!   I lived next door to them when I was growing up and always babysat for her mom whenever she needed me which was about every weekend ......  God Bless them!!

Hope you had a day of pain free !
Love n Hugs,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

How is Everyone today?

Hi My Friends,

How are you doing this nice warm Saturday?
I didn't sleep  much but that is the norm for me!!

I did some email and I went outside for about 15 mins to talk with a neighbor...
Was very nice out there...Took my kitty cat out with me too! He loved the fresh air..

My back started to hurt a lot just standing outside for 15 mins...  I had to start moving a little.. It hurts so bad just standing still .... 
So how is your Fibro. pain today!  And/or the other issues you have ?

I made breaded chicken drums for dinner... mmm  mmmm...

Don't forget, if you know you cannot work anymore and you are thinking of going for ssdi   you can private IM me on my facebook page (link at the top right) or give me your email addy and I can email you with who I used to represent me  and I can  answer your questions if you have any, and we all do!  I know I had tons !! 

Lets get this blog hopping ok? 

Take care and have a great evening!
God Bless!
Love,   Nancy

Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome Everyone

Hi, my name is Nancy..... I am happily married, 
will be 53 yrs young this month (Apr 2011). I have 2 beautiful grown children from previous marriage  .... 
I live with Fibromyalgia and have been for about 10 years now. I also have Osteoarthritis, CFS, IBS, GERD, allergies, and so on.... I am now on SSDI as of Jan. 2010 as I sure cannot work anymore due to my every day severe pain and no sleep and so on.
I am so grateful to God for helping me receive my SSDI ...  It sure was a God send and helps me  breathe a lot easier ...

Please come make friends with me and others and share my blog with fellow Fibro. sufferers. We can share our experiences with any drugs we've tried, over counter meds we've tried, what works, what  doesn't, help each other with any questions we may have...   Just talk about your day whether good or bad...  Or just want to say Hi ! 
Maybe we can ease the mind of a person who just found out they have Fibromyalgia and are scared and have tons of questions and need a good friend!!

I can chat about my experiences throughout the last 10 years and I will also share with you privately who I used to Represent me to get my SSDI awarded to me if you so wish to ask me and are thinking of applying for SSDI ....

So come join me and chat away..   I Welcome your friendship and I hope we can help others too!  Let's spread the Fibro. word!  It is REAL and it HURTS!!

Thank you and until next time , may God Bless your day!
Love to all,