Saturday, June 1, 2013


No flaming anyone on here! No swearing or vulgar language whatsoever! 
If you have an issue contact Me ... Do not post it on the Blog!
No fighting!  This is a place to come and relax,  not to fight!
I will not tolerate any fighting or flaming or vulgarity whatsoever!
NO posting any type of pictures that are not G rated! Only G Rated!
Thats all!  No advertising your business on here or any type of sales! 
You can have one link in your signature but no advertising on the Blog!

If you want to Advertise on this Blog look to the right side and there is
info. on this there!

Discussion should be about Fibromyalgia issues and how your day is going etc.

If you cannot comply you will be removed!

Thanks for reading!

Now go have fun making friends!

Hi everyone,

Havent posted in a SUPER long time..Was hoping we could get this Blog hopping!  Please share this Blog with Fibro Warriors like yourself..... We could all use a Fibro. friend!