Saturday, July 20, 2013

My epidural injections...

Hi all

well I have been going to the hospital for epidurals in my lower lumbar
for a month now... They give a series of 3 initially and I had 2 already
Go for my 3rd one next Thursday....
Reason Im going is I had an MRI done in Feb and it shows bulging discs,
stenosis, facet disease, lipomatosis, renal cyst...
and thats on top of my Fibro., OA all over, CFS, ibs, gerd, heel spurs,
asthma, chronic inflammation, chronic bronchitis, etc

I am hoping these will work for me as I cannot walk or stand for more than
5 minutes without having to sit ... The pain is that bad.....

but Im having an issue since I started the epidurals... seems my sciatic nerve
in the right side  goes down my butt and down the back of my left leg ..
It is very painful  and it seemed to only have started bad since my epidurals started
Not happy with that ...  so i have to mention that to my Pain Management doc when
I go for the 3rd injection.....   She also said if this doesnt work we can discuss
other injections....

I am so hoping Medicare and United Health Care covers this for me...
The 1st visit was $2200  OUCH!     so that times 3 visits   yikes!
I hope we dont have to pay much or I wont be able to continue going!

well I need to go take meds and supplements
Talk to you soon!

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